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Darrius Peace

Darrius Peace is a Master hairstylist, beauty instructor, author, international speaker, natural hair expert and successful entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry. As a professional who exclusively styles natural/curly hair textures, Darrius knows exactly what Black women want when it comes to their coily tresses. His upscale salon, Hayah Beauty, was featured as Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles & Care Guide’s “Beauty HotSpot” (July/August 2016 issue) and his exponential social media growth was highlighted on BlackEnterprise.com.


Thando Kafele

@thekingofloc has been in the Natural Haircare for over fifteen years and he is well respected amongst the industry. Under the tutelage of master legend Ademole Bandele and Orin Saunders, Kafele took the “comb technique” and pioneered it to the world. This internationally recognized stand-out at many mainstream hair shows has transcended the Natural Hair Community. He was among the first lock stylists at the IBS Show,.The Premiere Show, and long-standing Bronner Bros. Show. This legend has produced various branded products and is one of the most published and awarded natural hair stylists in the game—responsible for some of the most memorable Natural Hair Presentations.


Trisha Smith

Trisha Smith is a Registered Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist and Reiki Healer with over 11 years’ experience in the Holistic Health Field. She is the founder and CEO of @adero_herbals_, which is an organic, plant based product line. It is geared towards sensitive individuals who suffer from hair and/or skin disorders and would prefer a more natural approach. Trisha feels most alive when she is creating her artisan products and working with her clients to reignite sound health, happiness and a new passion for life. She feels it is her mission to thoroughly educate people about their bodies and heal them with the use of natural medicines and alternative healing methods.


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Tymer Mason

As a food scientist and author of bestselling book Caribbean vegan. She is also the author of the book called Kink Alchemy. When she is not catering or creating products for her foodie brand she switches hats and is the chief product development officer at Island Alchemist. A line which captures the essence of traditional West Indian beauty treatments.

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Khadijah Laticia

Khadijah Laticia is a Multipreneur, Educator, Certified Holistic Life, Health & Wellness Coach, with over 20 years’ experience in both the Natural Hair and the Holistic Health & Fitness fields. She is the Founder/CEO/Master Artisan Cosmetics of Organic Beauté Collections @organicbeautecollections, which is Toronto’s first luxurious all-natural, organic customizable artisan skin, hair, and body care line. This unique and amazing plant based product line serves both women, men and children with multiple natural hair textures and all skin types. Khadijah Laticia enjoys spreading her LOVE into creating her amazing results-driven natural products to encourage her clients to embrace their organic beauté and to gain confidence to be comfortable in their own skin. When she is not creating her lovely products, Khadijah Laticia is on a mission of educating, coaching, and training people about how to stay fit and live a happy, healthy holistic life!

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Roots to Curls

Sophia and Janet Murphy are the co-founders of @rootstocurls, an online natural haircare store geared towards women with naturally curly, kinky, and coily hair. 
Sophia and Janet met in University and began what would be a life-long friendship. Friendship turned to family when Sophia married Janet's brother in 2009. Later, in 2012, these sister-friends decided to abandon the relaxing process and “return to natural”. What they found was being a naturalista in Canada meant limited access to the myriad of hair products that exist. They saw a need in the Canadian market that called for more diversity and availability. 
Out of that need, Roots to Curls was born. Established to provide Canadian women with an alternative source for their natural hair care needs, Roots to Curls wants to ensure every naturalista has the tools to love their hair.

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Kedar Waterman

Kedar Waterman is a certified Shea Butter Technician with the American Shea Butter Institute, providing him with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the quality indicators related to Shea butter.   As creator of the informative series, “The Shea Butter Workshop”, Kedar’s mission is to enlighten Shea disciples, by promoting the healing properties of Premium grade Shea butter.

Kedar also holds a Bachelors degree in Biology from Howard University, and has travelled extensively to various Shea producing regions in Africa in order to study and understand Shea butter.  Attending the Global Shea Conference in Burkina Faso - Kedar had an opportunity to learn as well as share his expertise in front of national delegates, leaders, and industry stake holders, including The Body Shop and L’Occitaine, and also collaborated and learned from the women who produce Shea butter. He currently enjoys success as the founder of the Shea butter skin care brand ANU™ while co-creating many other brands and natural product lines. Kedar invites you to discover The Way Of Shea at an upcoming workshop.

Taniel Smith

is a natural hair enthusiast and Loctician who has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to studying, maintaining and styling Locs and natural hair.  After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from York University, she struggled to find her life's direction. She battled with the idea of continuing her studies toward a Master's degree or join the work force. This was because she hated her post secondary experience and really hungered for something more satisfying and fulfilling.  In 2009 jobs were hard to come by because it was the middle of the financial crisis; it was a terrible time to graduate. She landed a job 8 months after graduating from school and kept it for 2 years after which a massive layoff rendered her jobless again. Tanielrealized she needed to do something drastic about her situation and after praying for directions from God she felt lead to pursue her God given gift in styling hair, more specifically the Locs and natural hair industry. She had always done cornrows and other hair styles for others as a child but didn't dream it would become her life's work. Once she embarked on this journey, it was an immediate love connection.  Needless to say she never looked back and today she is the blossoming, talented professional you see.


Nadine Wong

In 1991, Dr. Nadine Wong’s education started in Cosmetology.However, her obsession for hair care developed into a passion that went beyond the mere styling of hair. She wanted to know, how hair grew, what affected its growth and how best to heal the root source problems instead of only masking the symptoms. Those were the questions that opened the door in 1996 to the study of Trichology. 

Dr. Wong chose the name ALABASTER which means “healing in a jar”. She believes that we should always strive to find our passion, but in the event of whatever ailment, we can find the ointment in a jar that heals. Hence, you will never give up on you, your mind, body, spirit, or soul.

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Keina Morgan

When it comes to naturally curly hair and its textures Keina has set the stage for being one of the best Curly Hair Specialist in Toronto. Operational manager, Curly Specialist & Master Colourist and a hairstylist for over 13 years and a curly hair specialist for over 8 years, she has helped many achieve their curl potential. Keina specializes in colour correcting and is a certified colour technician with the no ammonia Chi Ionic Permanent Colour line and educator with Farouk Systems.

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Monique London

Lover of all things natural, and Owner and Creative Director, Monique created London Ivy out of a need for Canadian-made quality products that helped to achieve radiant hair and skin. 

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Aissa Otchere

A natural hair specialist and small business owner, on a mission to teach black women how to maintain their hair. Trained in natural hair, she has a unique 5-year background in hair growth, protective styling, and hair maintenance. Specializing in botanical hair treatments, she offers her clients personalized hair masks to correct a variety of natural hair issues such as breakage, damage, and frizz. Working with a variety of hair types has provided the knowledge needed to help her client’s grow healthy hair.

Recently starting her agency, The Beauty Loft – a hair, makeup, and nail service that is delivered to your door. She has made it her duty to create an inclusive space for women of colour to use services that celebrate their beauty.

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